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Year 5 - Ernest shackleton 


Ernest Shackleton was an Irish born explorer from the early 1900’s who moved to South London early in his life. Shackleton had a passion for exploring the Antarctic region, a place which had not been explored previously. At an early age, 24, he became a Master Mariner and began the first of his many expeditions to explore the South Pole. His journeys were not always successful; however, he never gave up and continued on his quest to discover more and more about Antarctica. Most famously, Shackleton led a voyage where his ship, The Endurance, got caught in sheets of ice. His crew where stranded on the ice sheet and eventually floated to Elephant Island. Shackleton then led a rescue which took two weeks to sail in treacherous conditions to South Georgia where a team got together to rescue the remaining men. They were stranded for a total of 105 days!!! Shackleton was known for his bravery and ‘never give up’ attitude, something we can aspire to today. 


Our science learning this half term sees us experimenting a lot with materials and states of matter. We are using what we have already learnt in Year 4 and earlier years about solids, liquids and gases and look more closely how they change state and the properties they have. We have investigated soluble and insoluble materials and classified these and also considered what conditions have an effect on this. We take a closer look at reversible and irreversible changes and how we can use this knowledge to help the world around us. We are scientists!!
Linking history and geography close together, we are taking a closer look at moving people in the past. We are considering the reasons why people migrate around our world and why people in the past moved to England. To focus our research, we are investigating the Windrush Generation and the experiences of people involved. We consider the positives and negatives about moving and immigration and emigration in our world today and use our knowledge of geography and historical events as a basis for our growing understanding of the world around us.