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Year 4 - sylvia earle  


Sylvia Earle is an oceanographer, marine biologist and deep sea explorer. She has spent her life exploring the deepest parts of the ocean, setting a number of world records along the way. In 1979 she walked on the ocean floor at a depth of 381 meters using a specially designed suit and in 1985 she set a solo dive record of 1,000 meters underwater. Sylvia Earle also spent two weeks living underwater in a specially designed underwater habitat. Raising awareness about the human impact on the ocean is one of Sylvia Earle's passions now that she is older and diving less than before! 


This half term, Sylvia Earle class are continuing to explore the Ancient Egyptians as our class topic. So far, we have looked at Egyptian Gods and Goddesses, we have learnt about how the pyramids were built and we have also learnt about Tutankhamun and the discovery of his tomb. We will be visiting the British Museum at the end of the month to go and look at the various exhibitions there, including the Rosetta Stone and a number of Ancient Egyptian mummies. 

In science, we are learning about the states of matter. We are learning how solids, liquids and gases can change from one state to another. We have been doing a number of experiments to investigate this in the classroom and we will be going onto look at the water cycle in the next couple of weeks as part of this topic.