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Year 1 - Amelia Earhart

Amelia Earhart was a pioneering female pilot who set several aviation records during her lifetime. In 1923 she became the 16th female to receive her pilot licence and in 1928 she became the first female to fly solo across the Atlantic Ocean. Unfortunately, in 1936, Amelia’s plane disappeared during an attempt to fly around the globe. Her disappearance has been an unsolved mystery since then. 


In Science this half term we are learning about Materials. We are learning to recognise everyday materials and understand that an object is different to the material it is made out of. We are investigating different ways to sort materials into categories and identify their properties such as being rough, smooth, soft or hard. We are also investigating which materials can float and which will sink. Throughout this unit we are learning how to make predictions and investigate through practical exploration. We are using different scientific skills such as researching, observing, classifying and comparing to find patterns.

In Topic this half term, we are exploring The Magic Toymaker. We are learning about toys from the past and comparing them to toys from the modern day. We are learning how toys have changed over time and in particular looking at the development of Dolls, Teddy Bears and Board Games. We will also learn about toys from around the world and we will make comparisons between toys from different cultures. We will end our Topic with a celebration of learning by playing board games together and sharing what we have learnt with each other over the past half term.